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Effective management of service tickets. Download our process to achieve customer satisfaction.

VTENEXT – CRM+BPM – IoT   Download the Process Download the Process and try the Free or Community Edition Version     An efficient after-sales and support service is the main tool for building customer loyalty and maintaining a high level of satisfaction, with important effects on the external perception of…

A lead not listened to loses your best customer.

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VTENEXT – Soluzioni CRM+BPM e IoT Download the process Download the Process  and try the free or community edition version   Every day we create new solutions to safeguard companies from critical situations that can have an impact on productivity and on customer satisfaction in general. Imagine a lead that contacts…

Process-driven solutions: software houses and licence renewal automation

VTENEXT – CRM-BPM-IoT Solutions At VTENEXT, we build process-driven solutions to solve critical issues and inefficiencies that hinder corporate growth and may compromise the way end customers perceive a brand. We do this through reliable CRM-BPM IoT solutions that simplify processes, eliminate the occurrence of errors, reduce times and the…

(IT) Se l’uomo fosse un software, sarebbe open source

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A 5-star process: customer satisfaction and the customer service department.

From the perspective of growth and ongoing improvement aimed at increasing customer satisfaction, we will describe below an example of a VTENEXT-based process designed for a customer company. The company’s main concern was related to difficulties in managing quality assessment of the customer service department, with ensuing significant resource costs…