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The query or contacts requests coming from your website are not successful?

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A lot of companies find that many of the quotation or contact requests, especially in B2B, often fail. The problem may not be the product, the price or the competitiveness of the market but simply an ineffective lead management. Let’s do an example: a company that offers marketing services receives a…

CRM or Process Driven CRM?

On September 7, 2017, Posted by , In News, With 4 Comments

The traditional CRM applications are IT solutions that allow to sign up, menage, analyze and evaluate the data related to the costumers and they’re used to do the commercial and customer services operations, to evaluate the sales trend, identify the more profitable costumers and adjust the commercial and marketing activities….

The importance of digitalization of business processes

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In today’s markets, characterized by strong competitiveness, excess of offer compared to the demand and speed of change, where consumers are typically unfaithful, demanding and critics, it’s essential for companies to use a CRM and establish a customer centric culture. Often adopting a CRM application isn’t enough…To make a CRM…

VTENEXT and IoT: the CRM + BPM as an interface between the organization and the machine

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The world of IoT, the Internet of things, where the web is communicating and integrating with objects, places and machines, has developed strongly in recent years and has radically changed the way people work, spend their free time, travel and do their daily activities. The technological revolution is, however, just…

PRESS RELEASE: VTECRM opens a new headquarter in Milan

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The company strengthens with the inauguration of an headquarter in Milan and with the launch of VTENEXT, the first open source CRM application in Europe in which the CRM functions are integrated into the BPM software – Business Process Manager Milan-London, 29.06.2017. On 16 June, VTECRM has inaugurated the new…