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CRAI Sardinia chooses VTECRM for the service of the point of sale

CRAI Sardinia chooses VTECRM for the service of the point of sale

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The CRAI distribution chain of Sardinia has adopted the open source VTECRM CRM platform for the management of point-of-sale service.

Verona-London, 17.11.2014. The CRAI Distributor brand of Sardinia has chosen VTECRM as a CRM platform to handle requests for assistance from the 120 chain stores in Sardinia with the CRAI, Simply and Centro Cash brands.

The open source CRM system – launched by the ITTWeb partner software company at VTECRM Ltd – is also used to track all the terminals that are supplied to the outlets that use them to place orders at distribution centers.

The CRM uses the Customer Support, Products, Businesses and Contacts modules, as well as reports and graphs, and is also used to manage the terminals used in the center of preparation and distribution. The whole life of the terminals is then handled: from purchase of technical assistance management to device dismantling.

Significant are the benefits gained from the distribution brand at the level of business process improvement and customer satisfaction. “We have got the main improvement in customer care that is now more precise and faster,” said Roberto Deligios of CRAI Sardinia Information Systems, “and allows us to keep an eye on all careers. Also important is the management of the distribution and preparation center terminals, as it allows us to know in real time where a terminal is located and what is its history. “

The software selection analysis led to VTECRM’s choice for its versatility and its ability to respond to the different needs of a rapidly expanding company such as CRAI Sardinia. The brand announced that CRM will soon be used by the Rome computer group, for the management of technical support to retail outlets in Lazio. CRAI Sardinia also intends to extend CRM to marketing and other business sectors in a second phase of project development.


Davide Bonamini, CEO VTECRM Ltd

Tel. 0039 347-1603608 davide.bonamini@vtecrm.com

Marco Macari, CEO ITTWeb

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Roberto Deligios, CRAI Sardegna Sistemi Informativi F.lii IBBA Srl

Tel. 0039 335-1654348 r.deligios@craisardegna.com