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VTECRM opens a new headquarter in Milan

VTECRM opens a new headquarter in Milan

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The company strengthens with the inauguration of an headquarter in Milan and with the launch of VTENEXT, the first open source CRM application in Europe in which the CRM functions are integrated into the BPM software – Business Process Manager

Milan-London, 29.06.2017. On 16 June, VTECRM has inaugurated the new headquarter in Fulvio Testi street in the building of Piero Pirelli Institute, a multifunctional building built in memory of the Italian entrepreneur that is part of an historic area of ​​Milan (Bicocca), owned by Pirelli Since 1906.

In front of a large audience, the two founders of VTECRM Davide Bonamini and Davide Giarolo, with Manuel Benedetti, Partner Manager of VTECRM, have shown the company’s most significant development and the features of the new release VTECRM 16.9, called VTENEXT.

With headquarters in London and Italy, in ten years of business, the company has done more than 13,000 installations and many plugins for integration with ERP, e-commerce and third-party applications; Over 40,000 registered users and about 3,000 business customers including brands like Unical, Tenax, AIM Vicenza, Sacmi, Orienta, GIVI Helmets, Bosch Rexroth, Lastminute.com, Allianz Group, Total Italy, Sol Group, Carel, CRAI Sardinia , Tesisquare, Beta80, Infracom, Cotral, IFOA, CNA, Dainese, Eurospin, Volkswagen Leasing, Coffee Pellets and many more.

At the base of the growth there is the open source nature of the CRM projects that provides low cost and therefore more opportunities for companies to invest in training and implementation of CRM strategy within the organization, which is indispensable for the success of the project.

Another peculiar feature of the business strategy is the distribution of the CRM solutions with a network of highly qualified partners and resellers, presents in many European countries, and recently also in Russia and Malaysia, offering customers assistance and support to the development of the CRM project.

An expanding network that today has more than 50 companies with over 100 certified VTE SDK environment developers and dozens of VTE Project Managers.

VTENEXT has been presented in Milan, an unique solution as it is the first open source application in Europe that incorporates BPM (Business Process Manager) functionality within a CRM.

VTENEXT is available both in community and business version so that users can adapt to their needs, is transparent and the code is fully visualizable and allows full use according to the context of use through the WEB interfaces , MOBILE and Customer Portal.

The BPM engine of VTENEXT allows you to map and design business processes and managed it through a task system that are destinated at users who are enabled.

Enterprise procedures are then designed and managed in a standardized way, with different benefits at the whole structure such as faster speeds and reduced of human error, greater corporate flexibility, and improved of customer satisfaction.

“CRM projects sometimes do not lead to the expected results and their potential is not fully exploited because the procedures are often under-controlled and the different business areas don’t work in a coordinated manner.

They also need long learning times that discourage the company staff – emphasizes Davide Bonamini, CEO of VTECRM.

The digitalization of process with VTENEXT solves these problems by transforming classical CRM logic into a dynamic PROCESS DRIVEN model, that simplifies the execution of complex procedures by transforming them in simple tasks.”

The company is inspired by the mission of spreading know-how and knowledge in CRM and facilitating business organization through the digitization of processes.

“We put our knowledge at the service of customers, providing it with a unique environment for managing customers, suppliers, partners, communities, internal teams, and communication between the different areas.

To achieve this goal – says Bonamini – we have simplified technology, using tools and processes that people already use and know, guiding them towards a simple and intuitive approach to the CRM ”



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Davide Giarolo, CTO & Founder VTECRM