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VTECRM : the Business Philosophy meetings are started

VTECRM : the Business Philosophy meetings are started

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The Business Philosophy meetings reserved to the VTECRM technical and commercial partners are started, they are realized in collaboration with the professors of the Philosophical Association “The Crocodiles”.

San Bonifacio (VR), 22.05.2014. In the VTE Academy are started the Free Business Philosophy courses,  according to a schedule that provides 2 courses per month from May 2014 until the end of the year, at the Italian VTECRM offices in Verona.

VTE Academy is the online VTE CRM training school to learn CRM logic and also how-to to start with projects quickly: each course includes the theoretical introduction of topics that are then developed with concrete examples of typical configurations. Courses are dedicated to both end-users and administrators, take place online and have a duration of 3 hours.

The Business Philosophy lessons are designed to introduce new mental models that improve people’s business activities in different areas such as design idea, critical ability, creativity, and the development of relational and persuasive attitudes.

Lessons are aimed at anyone that wish to expand their business knowledge through Philosophy, with a focus on an aspect often overlooked by various business disciplines: the human being and its motivations.

In this sense, applied philosophy is an answer to a widespread emotional illiteracy, understood as inability to govern and manage own emotions with others and with what we do.

A threat, this, which has already been observed by the great industrialist, Adriano Olivetti, claiming that this could irremediably affect the production.

The lessons are led by Dr. Luca Zaffaina and Dr. Alberto Romele both experts in theoretical, moral, political and aesthetic philosophy and founders of the philosophical association “The Crocodiles”.

Each lesson is based on real and known cases. It is possible to participate in one or more lessons even in a non-consecutive way.

Meanwhile, the Italian-English company VTECRM continues to grow in the CRM market with 20 people devoted to core business development and expanding its network that today has over 200 developers and more than 50 VTE certified project managers around the world.

Today, more than 11,000 users have activated the free CRM version available in French, Italian, German and Portuguese.


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