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Integrazione tra VTECRM ed Alfresco

Integrazione tra VTECRM ed Alfresco

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Alfresco is an ECM (enterprise content management) software for the management of corporate documentation, widely and successfully used in order to improve the management of all internal organization flow and to enjoy a document repository.

Alfresco is available in two versions : open source (Community Edition) and commercial (Enterprise Edition) .

One of our partner companies, collecting the needs of some customers, decided to implement the additional plugins between VTECRM and Alfresco, in order to facilitate communication between the applications , allowing users to attach documents to the entities of VTECRM that will be well preserved in the Alfresco repository , and to easily search files in the repository.

Plugin Alfresco for VTECRM provides two functions :

  • Inserting documents in Alfresco : thanks to this function , simply by using the vtecrm documents module, you can load documents directly into Alfresco , all in a transparent manner and without changing the normal operation of the existing form. Loading a document , the plugin sending to Alfresco the files to achieve.
    Obviously the plugin intervenes both in case of creation of individual documents or when you attach entities to the CRM documents.
  • Search in Alfresco: Through the Search button in Alfresco you can make fast full-text searches within the software directly from VTE , and download the documents sought.

The plugin applies within an existing VTE installation and needs to communicate with Alfresco installation .
Our staff and our partners are constantly working to enhance and improve using experience and functionality of vtecrm .
Leave your feedback or submit us your requirements, we’ll be glad to answer and welcome your inquiries !

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