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News dall’evento con i nostri partner del 20 novembre

News dall’evento con i nostri partner del 20 novembre

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The day dedicated to our partners opened with the presentation of the new catalog 2016, with information at the operational level, sharing our philosophy and insights on how our solution fits perfectly in current market situation.
As we know, the economic crisis that hit Italy, Europe and the western world in recent years has the breaking point before a big change of the market.
In todays hyper-competitive markets, infact, companies that work are those who work in network, believe in partnership and create value added, operating in a perspective of sharing and dissemination of know-how and bring true value to its real customers.
We marry this philosophy and we define ourselves in this sense “liquid”, because as the water we adapt very quickly, we remain lean in order to have quick solutions and processes, we mingle with other solutions in order to achieve the combination ideal for customer satisfaction.
Another strong point is the privacy aspect, sensitive issue to which our solution fully complies.
On this issue we had the pleasure of having a deepening by Mr Maistrello, specialized consulting regarding privacy in the computing world, with which we have seen in particular the news about the world of applications and online.
To close the morning our co-founder David Giarolo presented the new release vtecrm 15.10 community and the news from the business version vtecrm 16.04 due out in April.
Our open source version has been enhanced with advanced features that have found a positive response among our partners.
Implementations most noteworthy include in particular the tracking of time spent on each activity, easiest conversations, the inclusion of wizards to make faster and more intuitive scheduling an event, simultaneous translation of emails, attachments preview and support to PHP 5.5.
About the business version 4.16 which will launch in April, Davide Giarolo, announced the following news:

SDK new features that enable developers to create guided steps and to simplify the interaction of users (even from mobile devices)
more usable interface for the creation of new processes and methods SDK to simplify the creation of processes
new customer portal bootstrap fully responsive
document manager evolution and improvement of the views of the modules
new charts and reports available
new mobile application with several improvements


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