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Come migliorare il lavoro di agenzia con VTECRM

Come migliorare il lavoro di agenzia con VTECRM

On December 23, 2015, Posted by , In News, With 1 Comment

Today we will talk about how a group of multiple agents have improved the organization of its work and got positive results thanks to use of VTECRM.

Agents, having many contacts and working relationships with several companies partner, have begun to use personally VTECRM business in Cloud for improving the management of relationships with customers and prospects.

Initially they personally tested the effectiveness to have a client details easily updated with data easily traceable and shareable. They also used the capabilities that allow to manage the transaction and all its stages in digitized way.

They also liked the form calendar and e-mail that has enabled them to make appointments more quickly and check e-mails and conversations very quickly.

The application VTECRM was really helpful for them as they are often in travel and they have access information quickly through smartphone or tablet without using the PC.

Through the app you can also exchange messages with other members of the corporate team without use e-mail.

Thanks to the personal satisfaction of the agents in the use of VTECRM they have consequently decided to propose and extend the use of the platform to their corporate partners with the objective of:

  • have a time savings in delivering company negotiations like offers, purchase orders, etc.
  • mark within the CRM and share the processes concerning requests, customizations, quotes and offers. This allows to have written data shared automatically with no need of phone calls, exchanges of e-mail etc.

There is of course a protection of privacy as each partner has access only to the area with the contacts and negotiations concerning him.

Feedback from agents about the results achieved as follows:

  • after the initial period of adjustment has noticed a considerable saving of time in search and information finding
  • short response times to customer requests
  • improvement of the relationship with the partner that benefits from increased and better access to information

Using of VTECRM has generate in general an improvement of internal communication, the relationship between partners and customer service!

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  1. Lorenzo says:

    Credo nelle importanti potenzialità di Vte che sto usando in un contesto molto simile cercando di coinvolgere tutti gli attori. Ci vuole cnq tempo per assestare un corretto utilizzo.

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