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Press Release – Farvima

Press Release – Farvima

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The Italian company Farvima Medicines adopted the open source CRM platform VTECRM for internal procedures and management of business information

Verona-London, 2.03.2015.

Farvima Medicines has chosen VTECRM as a CRM platform for enterprise information management. The open source CRM system – implemented by the software house Readytec, partners of VTECRM Ltd – is used as a company intranet to create a full  box of customer informations, but also as manager of internal procedures and relationships with suppliers.

Significant are the benefits in terms of improvement of work processes through the use of VTECRM as a “centralizer” of corporate information.

All informations that revolve around the customer are centralized into a single information sheet: so there aren’t scattered information from various e-mail or verbal agreements.

The processes are optimized through the right identification of the customer/ supplier and the ability to provide a quick and timely response to each question. The system also provides a detailed report of customers visits which allows to the company to create a report of commercial activity and a plan of the work of the agents. The sales staff also can query and print the account balance of the customer directly in the pharmacy. Finally, the system generates the newsletter to customers for planning targeted e-mail marketing campaigns.

“The next implementation will be a custom map module – said Gaetano Avino, Planning & Control Controller Farvima Medicines – through which the agent will be able to plan and optimize their outputs, and Farvima could be geolocalize the segment of a line of shipping to make more efficient transportation costs.
Along a segment we can identify customers with greater sales or interesting prospect, or even customers to avoid because they have negative feedback.

Another future project will be storing and verifying the formal correctness of all forms and contracts. “


Davide Bonamini, CEO VTECRM Ltd

Tel. 0039 347-1603608 davide.bonamini@vtecrm.com

Marco Russo, Sales Manager at Readytec Spa

Tel. 0039 335-5371171 m.russo@readytec.it

Gaetano Avino, Organization, Pianification & Control at Farvima Medicinali Spa

Tel. 0039 081-3955111 gaetano.avino@farvima.it

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