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Press Release – Givi

Press Release – Givi

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GIVI helmets and motocycle accessories adopts open source CRM platform VTE crm – implemented by the software company Project Team – for the management of relationships with customers

Verona-Londra, 18.12.2015.

GIVI – leading company in the world of production and sales of motorcycle helmets and accessories – has chosen vtecrm (www.vtecrm.com) as a CRM platform for the management of trade relations. The open source CRM system – implemented by the software house Project Team Srl (www.prjteam.com), Master of vtecrm partner Ltd. – is used as a corporate extranet to create a centralized storage of business information and, most importantly, as relations manager with their customers and resellers.

Each request of the customer arrived from GIVI website (www.givi.it) is intercepted by vtecrm with a Ticket. In this way, no request is “lost” in the maze of thousands of email every company receives, the level of service provided to customers is automatically increased.

Vtecrm is also used for the management of support requests and non-compliance  . Each request follows a precise flow of internal checks and is automatically assigned to the appropriate department (commercial, technical, production) for inspection and final communication to the dealer with the outcome of the request and procedures for the resolution of the case (replacement, repair, credit note, integration, etc).

The strength of VTECRM is the centralization of all information used in the management of a case. Each e-mail, document or communication exchanged with the customer and colleagues automatically stays attached to the request. With a few clicks you can then go back to all the data and generate measurement reports in service quality and solve common problems by intervening where necessary on production processes.



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