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CRM or Process Driven CRM?

CRM or Process Driven CRM?

On September 7, 2017, Posted by , In News, With 4 Comments

The traditional CRM applications are IT solutions that allow to sign up, menage, analyze and evaluate the data related to the costumers and they’re used to do the commercial and customer services operations, to evaluate the sales trend, identify the more profitable costumers and adjust the commercial and marketing activities.

A CRM, if it’s implemented in the business and it’s used in a pervasive way, could get different advantages:

– collection of data and their better organization and supervision

– increase of the efficiency of sales and costumer service

– more supervision of the agents’ activities

– identify the best costumers and do the reports

The CRM is a necessary tool to improve the management of sales and customer service operations, anyway often happen that the activities involve different areas and business figures. To work in an efficient and pervasive way we need to introduce the management of processes that allows to  map and trace in the CRM all the business flow, assigning all the tasks in an automatic mode to all the positions.

With VTENEXT, our innovative CRM solution with BPM functionality, come into play the automation, one of the biggest CRM advantages. For example, a question from the forum on the website may activate a specific process and the information are moved automatically into the CRM, without of an operator intervention.

The task are assigned to the enable user with an executive timer. Every department of the sales area can collaborates and changes data in a fast way with others business areas. The management of the processes allow to save time and money and to have a marketing approach more inbound.

Many organizations operating in different sectors are using VTENEXT with satisfaction and finding:

  • faster and more efficient business procedures
  • substantial reduction in human error in the performance of activities
  • speed and ease of learning of new procedures
  • more satisfied customers thanks to the reduced response times and more precision
  • better communication and exchange of information between different business areas

VTENEXT thanks to its open source nature is also easily integrable with other software or CRM. For example, it can be integrate with traditional CRM solutions that don’t have the management of business processes or forms for customer support and marketing activities. Our CRM also deals with most management software, ecommerce platforms / websites or other existing IT solutions with plug-in available to the user.

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The VTECRM staff

4 Comments so far:

  1. Ottima soluzione per medie e grandi organizzazioni. Resta da verificare la compatibilità dei costi con le più limitate esigenze della piccola azienda.

    • Cristina Menon says:

      Buongiorno Sig. Nicola,
      la natura open source di VTECRM assicura un ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo, è quindi assolutamente compatibile anche con budget e necessità di piccole e medie organizzazioni.

  2. Andrea Rizzardini says:

    Finalmente !
    Nessuno dice che la maggior parte dei progetti CRM non decolla perché le esigenze commerciali cambiano continuamente e c’é bisogno di un’applicazione di supporto al modello organizzativo e non vicecersa.
    Quindi, è importante che i processi possano essere misurati , e rapidamente modificati e/o implementati.

    • Cristina Menon says:

      Grazie dell’ apprezzamento Sig. Andrea,
      queste ed altre motivazioni ci hanno spinto a sviluppare il motore BPM di VTE, attraverso il quale i processi aziendali possono essere disegnati ed eseguiti in modo semplice ed automatizzato e i risultati possono essere appunto misurati costantemente.

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