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La gestione delle campagne di marketing con VTECRM

La gestione delle campagne di marketing con VTECRM

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Through a CRM application you can manage in a very effective way the marketing campaigns in order to maximize the results of actions taken, record and evaluate the feedback and adjust accordingly future commercial activities and marketing.

In particular it is possible:

  • plan and execute campaigns
  • control the state of progress of the same
  • manage feedback of the actions undertaken and integrate them with those from the sales force

The session for to the campaigns vtecrm provides several communication tools:

  • newsletter module
  • campaigns module
  • sms module
  • fax module

We see more clearly below what functionality allows us to each instrument:

  • newsletter module: through this area of vtecrm you can manage the mass mailing of newsletters to companies, contacts and leads. Are also available statistics and data relating to send in order to evaluate the effectiveness of communication, which can be calibrated precisely on the basis of objectives and targets.

Below we see a screen on the news, we see then as accessing a particularly one we can see which emails have been opened, the target, which links were clicked and more useful data.

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  • campaigns module: through this area we can associate the names belonging to a specific target in various marketing activities: promotions, sales actions, lists, etc. You can then correlate extra modules (eg: telemarketing, fairs, etc.)
  • SMS form: you can enable vtecrm to sending sms. This module is activated a service email-to -SMS, so turn the email in messages.
  • Fax form: vtecrm can be configured to send faxes to specific cluster of contacts.

These tools allow us to save costs for services such as marketing software newsletter or send text messages to have a unique platform through which to coordinate the various activities of marketing and sales, and to provide statistical and specific data useful to the whole company.

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