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Many analysts and CRM consultants are observing that often the CRM projects don’t produce the expected results and as a result companies are discouraged for resources and time lost and they decide to not invest anymore in CRM applications (although they know to need it) or they changing solution.

Why does this happen?

Unfortunately, most CRM solutions on the market, although valid and professional, have the following limitations:

  • have licensing and configuration costs very high, that go to the detriment of the budget for training and consultancy
  • they are very complex, therefore they require long time of implementation and configuration and they aren’t easily accepted by the staff which often tends to not use the tool
  • They aren’t integrated with other software and don’t used in automated manner by the different business areas
  • Customers must continue to pay the vendor, otherwise they don’ t have access to the services anymore

This cause many times the abandon of CRM projects and disappointment of customer and the persistence of the initial problems that led him to use the application.

We know, instead, that a good CRM, if implemented correctly and used steadily gives huge results in terms of saving time and resources and sales increase. 

We have then developed VTENEXT, the only one European solution CRM + BPM Open Source in which the functions of a business process manager are incorporated inside of a CRM.

Which advantages has the solution? 

  • The OPEN SOURCE nature ensures low subscription costs and therefore the opportunity to invest in training and in the implementation of the CRM strategy
  • the automated process management allows to turn difficult processes and operations into simple tasks. The risk that CRM is not used is almost eliminated
  • Freedom: VTENEXT can be customized at will and there isn’ t lock in contracts for the customer and the distributor
  • Security: the data are safe, on European server and they has never given to third parties for commercial reasons
  • Easy to integrate: the solution can be adapted to any type of business and it’s compatible with other business software
  • the solution is complete and it doesn’ t need of continuos additional costs for plugin or basic functions

Our mission is to help companies to implement with satisfaction their CRM strategy and to make CRM great again! 

Join us in our mission! For further information please contact us at info@vtecrm.com

The VTE staff

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