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Nuova release VTE Community 15.10

Nuova release VTE Community 15.10

On November 13, 2015, Posted by , In News, With 2 Comments

The new version of VTE COMMUNITY, downloads for free from next week will make available the following new exciting features:

  • Marking time: thanks to this feature, all activities (eg email, support, appointments) is plotted and then you can view a report about hours spent on each activity
  • Simplification of the use of conversations
  • Creation event wizard: displays the calendar with their own appointments and those of other members of the company being created of event. In this way, the programming and sharing of a new event is more clear and immediate.
  • Translation: You can translate simultaneously and in all languages the text of incoming emails
  • Preview of email attachments: so you can quickly view the contents of attachments and download them later
  • Support of Php 5.5

Such implementations and improvements were developed in order to make the use of CRM easier and faster for users of our Community version and is the result of over 30 months of work of our developers.

We invite you to download the new version and leave us your feedback!

Your opinion is important for us!

2 Comments so far:

  1. Antonio says:

    Ciao a tutti!

    Volevo dire che ho provato la versione 15.10 Community installata su linux e andava a meraviglia. Fino a che non ho provato ad importare i lead con dati csv.
    Dopo l’importazione se andavo su un dato e lo modificavo non funzionava il bottone “salva”; rimanevo li ad aspettare e non faceva nulla. Mi sono disperato.

    Fortunatamente ho scaricato la versione 15.05 business (dovrò risolvere la questione licenza !?) e dopo l’importazione dei lead, il salvataggio funzionava normalmente. Allora sono passato al versione 15.05.


  2. Raffaello says:

    Ciao Antonio,
    la versione VTECRM Community è supportata esclusivamente dal forum di VTECRM, sino ad ora non si sono verificate problematiche relative ad importazioni con dati .csv. Inoltre, non esistono differenze legate all’esecuzione dei processi tra la versione Business e Community.
    Può comunque consultare il forum della Community VTECRM all’indirizzo forum.vtecrm.com per ulteriori informazioni.

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