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VTE Prestashop e VTE WordPress: come gestire al meglio la tua presenza online

VTE Prestashop e VTE WordPress: come gestire al meglio la tua presenza online

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In the follow article, we present the features of the plug in VTE Prestashop and VTE WordPress , made ​​by our partner.

PrestaShop is one of the most used Open Source platforms in the world used to make e-commerce web sites .

WordPress instead is one of the most popular open source platform for the creation and distribution of websites formed by text and multimedia content , manageable and upgradeable dynamically .

Our integration of vtecrm with Prestashop allows you to synchronize the e-commerce web site with the CRM in order to benefit from :

  • Single management of the product catalog directly from the CRM.
  • Modifying or adding products on the CRM, they appear directly in the catalog of the e-commerce website.
  • Synchronization of orders received by the e-commerce platform with the orders module of vtecrm
  • Automatic registration of customers; at the first purchase in Prestashop infact , the cu stomer is placed in client details of the CRM and following requests are automatically included in the client’s file .
  • Best customer service management and after-sales operations, because the requests received from the site appear in real time in the CRM and are quickly take in charge

Following the main features of the module :

  • catalog management: using the product management of VTE can be automatically update the product catalog on e- commerce website. Adding a new product in VTE the system will verify its presence in the e-commerce. In negative case the system proceed with the publication of the new product on e commerce, reporting correctly ID code, name and description, manufacturer , price , category , product image .
  • order management: Upon receive of a new order from e- commerce , the system takes care of checking the presence of the customer in vtecrm . If not , the customer will be recorded in VTE . Successively you can manage the sale , the production of invoices and DDT and other documents directly from VTE .

The Plug in VTECRM with WordPress allows to publish articles and texts in WordPress , using the back office of VTE .

With this plugin, you can handle evenly contacts, customers, partners and suppliers .

Synchronization of data between vtecrm and WordPress , allowing to use the website or blog as a communication channel, always updated and preferential for business operations.

In addition, the management of WordPress article will be accessible from vtecrm .

Following the main features of the module :

  • USER MANAGEMENT: you can enable or disable a wordpress user and reported key data ; you can create WordPress users to allow access to the Website to customers, employees , partners;
  • CHANNELS MANAGEMENT : In channels module you can define all social account related to VTE , in order to determine on which social network publish content produced . For each type of channel ( currently: Facebook , Twitter and Linkedin ) you can define several instances of connection .
  • PRODUCTS MANAGEMENT : The key part of the plugin module consists of the items through which you can enter , edit, delete items.
    Users of VTE can enter , edit, view items directly from the CRM .
    Because the module is integrated through web service items with WordPress , any changes made ​​in VTE will be replicated on the web portal .
  • SHARING MANAGEMENT: For each item you can manage its sharing between users of VTE and outside VTE.

Both modules that we have presented are made ​​for improvement and continuous optimization of the experience in use and functionality of vtecrm.

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