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VTENEXT: a simple management of complex process of assistance

VTENEXT: a simple management of complex process of assistance

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VTENEXT, our CRM process driven solution, enables automated management of all business processes involving customers, from sales to customer and marketing.

These processes are often complex and are handled with various IT solutions. Our application allows you to manage, with a single platform, business processes that involve different business areas and to simplify the execution of them.

Let’s look at an example of managing of a complex assistance process developed by our Swiss partner Tesyr (http://www.tesyr.ch) for a customer in the IT field.

The customer, operating in B2B, used a traditional CRM for sales and a dedicated software for customer service management. Cause of the complexity of the service flows, it needed a system that allow to automate the tasks, according to SLA policies (Service Level Agreement). Specifically, when a ticket is opened, It’s start a process that allows first to check who has opened it (a technician or a customer).

In case of ticket open by a customer, the system verifies the category and the task is assigned to a specific workgroup according to the type of problem. 

At the same time, VTE sends an e-mail to the Ticket assignee and a mail to the customer. Then VTE checks the status of the ticket and the priority of the problem (SLA).Depending of the priority of the problem, has been assigned a waiting time. After this period, the system checks if it has been closed whether customer feedback is expected. If the ticket still being processed, a reminder mail will be sent to its assignee with an urgent escalation. If the task still waiting for response from the customer, it’s put on hold for 5 days, after which an automatic reminder is sent to the customer. If he doesn’t respond the ticket is been closed. After receiving feedback from the user, the process goes on and ends once the customer assistance has been provided.


Thanks to the use of VTENEXT as the only platform for managing the sales and service processes, the customer has found:

  • cost reduction thanks to the use of only one software to manage the sales part and customer service
  • more efficiency and no risk of ticket loss
  • more customer satisfaction 
  • more internal organization 

Leave your feedback, will be happy to answer to you.

The VTECRM staff

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  1. Bene la gestione dei contratti di assistenza. Ma vorrei poter disporre anche di una interfaccia con il magazzino che mi consenta di dare tempi di consegna del prodotto finito in base alle scorte di magazzino.

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